About George Raft


George Raft set the standard for male film stars in the 1930’s combining Valentino’s exotic sex appeal with his street rough and tough gangster edge which he brought to screen from his own experiences in the roaring twenties in New York City. George Raft is the only actor I can think of who had his own life story made into films twice (in Broadway, a film in which he starred, and The George Raft Story in 1960 starring Jayne Mansfield). His life was way more interesting than any film role he’d ever play.

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5 thoughts on “About George Raft

  1. Your website is great! I too am a George Raft fan and believe he is not given the recognition he deserves. His life is as interesting as his films. Far more than any other movie star from the past to the present. Thank you for this site.


    • Thanks for stopping by! There’s nobody today who has Raft’s martial charisma. What a fascinating life he had! I visited his grave last summer. I’ll post a page with pics. Thanks again for the nice comments!


      • You are welcome. I have read two of his biographies and I am in the process of viewing most of his films, including films such as You and Me, which is bring rediscovered by Harvard. Also, hard to find films, such as Under-Cover Man. These are a Gems. And just viewed All of Me which is a serious film and displays that he had great acting ability. I hope in the near future he’ll be recognized again.

        Also found a clip of him dancing on the Jimmy Durante Show with Peter Lawford and Liberace from the fifties. It is a lot of fun and when he dances, it is heartwarming as the audience just cheers so loudly as they acknowledge him.

        Please feel free to keep in touch. It is fun to have these discussions with a fellow fan.


      • And if you are having trouble finding any of his movies let me know because I’ve tracked most of them down. I love All of Me! Under-Cover Man is great as well!


  2. […] A special thanks to HarlowGold for putting together this AMAZING compilation of Raft dancing!  If my post has piqued your interest on the talented George Raft, head on over to HarlowGold’s fabulous site, George Raft Dances, dedicated to the Great Man him… […]


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